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Printed Touch Sensor

1.Principle: Capacitive type
2.Thin and Flexible
3.High sensitivity
4.Integrating in packaging and circuitry
5.Cost effective

Humidity Sensor

1.Principle Change in humidity occurs change in capacitance
2.Very high sensitivity
3.Organic material based sensor
4.Integrating in packaging and circuitry
5.Cost effective
6.Applications: Humidity monitoring in lab environment, Soil testing and logistics

Printed Heater

1.Principle: Inducing magnetic flux with respect to voltage (AC/DC)
3.Temperature range: 120oC
4.Consume little power
5.Cost effective and easy Fabrication
6.Applications' : Automotive applications, Hotels, Water heating, and Floor mat etc.,

Flexible Circuitry

1. Flexible circuitry on flexible substrates and glass
3. Good conductivity
4. Good Adhesion 5. Integrating with portable devices
6. Cost effective

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