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EMI/RFI shielding materials are used to prevent electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference in the electronics, telecommunications, and medical industries, to name a few.
Creative Materials manufactures specialty products for a variety of EMI/RFI shielding applications, including electronic plastic housings, aerospace components and polyimide flexible circuits. These products are electrically conductive and are often paired with electrically insulating coatings, providing excellent attenuation, good thermal stability, and abrasion- and solvent-resistance. Application methods include pad printing, screen-printing, spraying, dipping and syringe dispensing.
Products can be applied to flexible or rigid substrates and can be printed on uneven or contoured surfaces. They feature good adhesion to a variety of substrates including Kapton, Mylar, abs, pcabs, glass and ceramics.

1.Nickel conductive paint
2.Silver plated copper paint
3.Conductive copper shielding
4.Conductive silver shielding

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